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Confessions of a Companion

17 October
External Services:
  • sistermoon65@livejournal.com

Not into:
Porn, rude people, unintelligent people, people with no other business than to make others look bad, judgemental people, religious people who feel their way is the only way, non-religious people who feel their way is the only. Negativity

Am into:
Open, frank discussions. Allowing for other opinions. Seeing life as an adventure and not as a chore. Living life to the fullest. Positive actions and thoughts. And help with this LiveJournal. It's kicking my butt...

Most definitely not looking to "hook up" or for "more than friends". I got a man and although he may not be perfect, he is perfect for me. But I truly want to find people with similar interest to share in conversations, share some pictures, some writing, some music.